"Fantastic dance school with a lovely "family" feel. Our three girls have gained so much confidence and ability in their time here and will for many more years. A great school for all ages" - Jamie and Sonya




"We are proud to be a part of such an amazing dance team that has helped our confidence and dancing a lot. The dance teachers are amazing and really supportive, and help us to be the best dancers that we can be. We love to dance in such a friendly environment" - Tamzin and Abigail (aged 15)




"Our daughters aged 9 and 7 have been dancing here for over 4 years and they love it! Miss Karen and Megan work so hard and our girls have grown in ability and confidence. Our youngest daughter aged 2 has just started and her independence and ability is developing so fast! They are truly amazing ladies and put their hearts and soul into creating a fantastic dance environment for all the children. Thank you!!" - Tania and Carl




"Both my daughters joined Goscote Dance in 2011. They started as shy little girls who have grown so much over the years and become lovely confident dancers. They absolutely love it and have made great friends, its one big happy family" - Simone




"My son went to watch the show in December 2014. He was already tap dancing with another dance school but was blown away by dances, costumes etc. The next week he started at Goscote Dance and within 2 weeks was dancing nearly every dance. The school is so friendly and he has made so many new friends" - Sharan




"What I love about dancing is seeing all my friends and having fun with them. I also love having to work hard and pushing ourselves to dance the best we can" - Georgia (aged 9)




"My daughter started dancing with Goscote Dance at the age of 6 and has been with the school for 8 years. She absolutely loves being a part of the dance school, which is like an extended family. Dancing at Goscote Dance has given her the chance to be fit and healthy, develop her skills and learn how to perform. We can't recommend it enough" - Rachel




"My daughter has been dancing with Miss Karen for 13 years now and my son for 9, they love it. Goscote Dance is one big happy family" - Nicola




"I think Goscote Dance is a really nice place to socialise and learn lots of different new styles of dance. i have been here since I was 2 or 3 and grown up with most of the people there. The teachers and helpers are really kind and supportive and always push me to be the hardest worker I can possibly be. Goscote Dance is a second family to me and if I had to rate it, I would give it an 11/10" - Annie (aged 14)